Without doubt first impressions (and safety) are important assets when welcoming clients or visitors to your place of work. A clean, tidy and welcoming external appearance particularly in car parks, walkways, entrances and recreational areas indicates your business commitment and professionalism. The external appearance of your business premises will undoubtedly be ruined by fallen leaves, rubbish and other un-welcome debris.

Importantly a build up of fallen leaves - especially when wet can cause a slip/fall hazard leaving your organisation open to compensation claims, suffering negative press or liable for prosecution under current Health and Safety Legislation.

Thoroughbred Property Care offer a fully comprehensive leaf collection and rubbish removal facility using the latest environmentally friendly equipment and techniques. 

EEM Technicians are a uniformed team who adopt a professional, safe, efficient and caring attitude to all clients .We understand business etiquette and believe the only way to handle a client is professionally (and with a smile).

Don’t forget:

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of our work, we will do everything in our power to put the problem right.  We want you to feel comfortable, confident and satisfied.