Ensuring your gutters are flowing and clear of blockages is vital and often overlooked maintenance. Debris such as silt, moss, leaves and even birds nests build up over time and create potentially expensive blockages.

Routine gutter cleaning prevents expensive problems before they arise.

If the gutters are not maintained adequately and water is unable to drain away from the property, internal water damage will eventually result. Often the first indication to a property owner that guttering is blocked is a damp patch on the wall.

When gutter debris enters the down pipes it will eventually cause the external waste system or storm water sewer to block up resulting in expensive jetting or excavation work to release the blockage.

During cold spells, debris and trapped water freezes. This heavy mass puts unnecessary strain on the guttering joints and brackets. Eventually the guttering will dangerously fall potentially causing damage to property, possessions and could result in expensive law suits should a member of the public get hurt.

In order to prevent damage and expensive repairs guttering should be cleaned at least once a year at the absolute minimum. If a property is close to trees, a wooded area or is prone to seagulls or pigeons we advise 2 cleans per year.