Thoroughbred Property Care N.I. appreciate people’s lives are very busy, the last thing you feel like doing at the weekend is disrupting your valuable rest and relaxation time especially to carrying out laborious and time consuming task such as cutting the lawn. Often lawns and grassed areas are simply too big to manage for domestic lawnmowers and a necessity for larger more specialist equipment is needed.

Whatever your circumstances Thoroughbred Property Care N.I. Environment and Estate Management Technicians have all the necessary equipment and ability to deliver an affordable solution. EEM Technicians are a customer orientated, uniformed team who are passionate and take pride in their work

Our services start with an initial consultation to build a programme of works. We discuss important information such as the frequency of visits - this is scheduled into your programme guaranteeing a well maintained lawn and garden area. We also discus the areas to be tended and any other services you may require.

A good condition lawn cost from only £10.00. This is a fixed price service for an agreed number of visits.

Don’t forget:

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of our work, we will do everything in our power to put the problem right.  We want you to feel comfortable, confident and satisfied.