Chewing gum

Unfortunately chewing gum is becoming an escalating environmental problem especially in schools, shopping centres, retail parks and other public areas.

The clean Neighbour and Environment Act 2005 states that chewing gum is in fact litter. Any perpetrator caught could be fined or given a fixed penalty notice if found guilty of not disposing of in an appropriate manner. Regardless chewing gum is still a constant problem to us all.  Thoroughbred Property Care uses the latest environmentally friendly systems to remove and collect chewing gum from surfaces.

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Graffiti is unsightly and often offensive, creating a negative impression and vastly devaluing a property. Thoroughbred Property Care use the latest environmentally friendly systems to remove graffiti from all surfaces. Surfaces are left clear, clean and none damaged.

Graffiti and chewing gum removal can be conducted out of hours to suit your business and in a cordoned safety zone if applicable. Thoroughbred Property Care always ensure your valuable trading hours, members of staff and the general public are never put in any risk.