As with anything exposed to the elements your business premises will get dirty and loose its curb appeal. A House Valet is the perfect way to completely rejuvenate all areas and carry out essential and often overlooked maintenance at the same time.

A Premises Valet consist of thoroughly cleaning the following areas

·Internal Guttering
·External Guttering
·Gutter Downpipes
·External Pipes
·All Frames (doors and windows)
·All Sills (doors and windows)
·Glazing (doors and windows)
·External Meter Boxes
·All Doors Including Patio, Main Entrance
·Smoking Areas
·Conservatory Roofs
·Any Further PVC or Exposed Areas
·Hard Surfaces e.g. Patios, Driveways etc
·All areas of your premises

Our aim is to provide a friendly and high level service that makes a huge difference to your place of work.

The complete Premises Valet process is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLYOnly pure water and elbow grease are used, eliminating the need for detergents and chemicals.