The inside section of your guttering needs essential maintenance for proper home care and prevention of potentially expensive damage, but the outside section should be cleaned to boost your properties curb-appeal and value. There is no longer the necessity to risk cleaning at height on a ladder as we take advantage of water fed pole technology. The water fed pole system is when tap water is purified removing all minerals, chemicals and any other pollutants from it. The water is pumped through an extension pole that has a brush attached at the end of it. All the guttering and facia is cleaned using the brush to scrub of the dirt and purified water to flush the dirt away. Since there are no pollutants in the water when the guttering and facia dries it dries spot free.

After investing a significant amount of money in a conservatory it is a shame not to enjoy sitting and relaxing in it after a hard day. As with anything exposed to the elements it will get dirty and deteriorate over time.

We clean the entire outside of a conservatory with the water fed pole system. Starting with the roof, followed by the guttering and facia moving to the framework and doors leaving the glass to last. We recommend you have the internal areas cleaned at the same time for a complete shine.